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quote from the book (2) May 28, 2009

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“So we have any motive for the suicide? I heard he was getting married.”

“That’ll sure drive some men to kill themselves,”the cop said.

That comment drew a laugh from everyone except Simpson, who looked for a moment like she might pull her gun and produce some dead men of her own.

-quote from “The Camel Club” page 145


gw yang perempuan aja, jadi ketawa baca tulisan di atas.

I really luv Baldacci! 😀


4 Responses to “quote from the book (2)”

  1. Eru Says:

    Nay! I’ll do it myself, me first!

    *die with pride teteup!*

  2. hawe69 Says:

    .. kok do it yourself ? bunuh diri gituh…?? hahahhaa

  3. Eru Says:

    hooh.. with pride lah daripada jadi korban Simpson 😛

    di buku ini ceritanya Simpson itu karakternya kayak … Pamela Anderson tapi berambut hitam.. sexy ..
    bener gak mau jadi ‘korban’nya ? hahhaa

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