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‘writting nonsense just to keep sane’

stuck! May 5, 2009

Filed under: puisi coba-coba — hawe69 @ 6:39 AM

i’m stuck here
dead end in my head
there’s no light
not even a glimpse
i’m stuck here
let me out! let me out!
don’t die yet
still got things to be done
i’m stuck here
waiting at the corner
for a little ray to come
hurry up! hurry up!

..still stuck here..


4 Responses to “stuck!”

  1. dhilacious Says:

    theme baru.
    great to see! 😀

    tks Dhila..
    sering mampir dong kalo great to see ..
    ntar ‘tak kasih contekan soal SNMPTN…hihihi

  2. mas stein Says:

    yes, aem setak hir tuu..!!

    so wat tu du ?? huhuhuhu 😛

  3. dhilacious Says:

    beres mba..

  4. annosmile Says:

    puisinya pake inggris

    bukan puisi.. bukan shakespeare hehehe
    cuma coretan kata-kata inggris yang dibikin agak beraturan.


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