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Mi, Maisef & Ay March 6, 2009

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Ini adalah percakapan antara tiga wanita, pada suatu hari tentang..


Mi: Why you go to gym and work you ass out ?
Maisef : Coz I want to loose some weight.
Ay : If you do want to loose weight, why you keep eating those unhealthy fried food?
Maisef : Coz I want to loose weight…. without starving.
Mi: That’s not a good reason of why you go to gym to work out.
Maisef : Ok ok, I do it because I want to looked sexy with great abbs.
Mi: IC, then after you got those abbs, what will you do?
Ay: Attract some guys ? Even your gym got NO cute guys at all!
Maisef: No! I’m married and I’m the last person who needed an ‘affair’ in my life. Also I’m not the kind of girl who want extra attention from boys.
Mi: Then why you need to have those great abbs ? That’s not the good reason of why you go to gym to work out.
Maisef: Let me tell you, doctor say, you have to do exercises on regular basis to keep you healthy.
Ay: But you are healthy as an ox! The last time you got sick is like 5years ago! and some minor cough because your own fault..those unhealthy fried food!
Mi: If you are healthy, then why you go to gym to work out?
Maisef: Arghh.. ok.. I need… to spend more time before going back home after office.
Ay: Get out of here! That’s stupid. You miss your son everyday during office hours, why delay the going home part by spending more time in the gym.
Mi: So you still has no good reason why you go to gym to work out.
Maisef: Maybe I do it .. to make me feel happy, content about myself, to boost my self-confidence.
Ay: But you are a happy-good self confidence-girl !
Mi: Then why you go to gym to work out ?
Maisef: …… *run out of answer*
Ay: See… told you so…

However, Maisef still drag her ass three time a week, well sometime even five times a week, to go to the gym and work her ass out. While, sometime Ay manage to give some influence to NOT to go to the gym. In the end, it still leave Mi to wonder why Maisef still go to gym while there is NO significant change until now.


One Response to “Mi, Maisef & Ay”

  1. yessymuchtar Says:

    hiahiahiahaihahahiahia…ya udah !..gak usah! kekekek..makan banyak aja terus kayak gue!!!

    hehe.. pertumbuhan vertikal dan horisontal tidak seimbang deh kalo udah above 30years old..

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