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ini tentang film ‘Twilight’ , menurut gw December 3, 2008

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Udah banyak baca referensi, kritik, pendapat pribadi tentang film Twilight.

Review ini tidak objektif, semua subyektif, jadi gak perlu-perlu amat dianggap serius :), apalagi dijadikan acuan atau standard kelayakan untuk menonton film ini.

1. I LUUVV the book, so the film already got extra point from me, besides the lackness of ‘satisfaction’. I know I shoudn’t compare what I read or imagine with what i see and got fullfilment out of it. But , I’d say it anyway : BOOK VERSION IS BETTER.

2. The casting is all okay, only I imagined Charlie will be bigger, fatter. I think male vampire : Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Carlisle wear too much makeup, fondation, even Edward wear lipstick of such color it shown..strange. The makeup artist should consider to example Buffy or Angel ‘s makeup for vampire. It will be much more ‘natural’. I like Esme’s makeup the best. I wonder, who gonna play Aro later.. hm hm..

3. Is the angle of every scene is effected due to this movie directed by female director ? Or because its not Sony, not WB, its Summit Production. I wish they can make the special effect like ‘Spiderman’, ‘KingKong’ or the best one IMO ‘Lord or the Ring’. It will be much much more entertaining to see.

4. Best scene IMO : In the biology lab, when first Edward smelled Bella and closed his nose, and went rigid. Bella looked offensed.. this scene is very very ..hm..how to put it.. touching.. πŸ™‚
I don’t really ‘touched’ with the kissing-scene tough. Maybe because I am not really fans of Robert Pattinson, even when he played ‘the handsome Cedric’ in Harry Potter. I might be ‘touched’ if Jonathan Ryhs Meyers play that Edward part πŸ˜‰
Other best scene : When Bella asked permition from Charlie to date Edward while he was cleaning his gun. That’s pure funny.
Bad scene : When James try to snap at Alice and all the Cullens take protective stands, I think they should show some fangs! Vampire without fangs is very..disturbing.. I kept look for it when Edward smile, but I found it in Jacob’s smile instead, where he suppose to be a werewolf not vampire.

5. Conclusion : If you are under 20years old, you’ll might find this movie ‘thrill’ enough for you. I’m over 30, so I don’t get those sensation. After saw the movie, I don’t have the urge to buy the DVD later for my collection, not like after I watched ‘August Rush’…again due to Meyers πŸ˜‰

6. Point : 9 out of 10, supposed 8 out of 10, but like I said, one extra point coz i love the books version.

So I will still stick to my favorite book-adapted movie : Lord of the Ring II… this is the best movie ever..even better than its book.


6 Responses to “ini tentang film ‘Twilight’ , menurut gw”

  1. hawe69 Says:

    this kind of movie that my husband would say : ‘SUCKS!’… that’s why I watch it alone… hahaha

  2. itikkecil Says:

    I’d still prefer the book version πŸ˜€

  3. Anonymous Says:

    @itikkecil : ya..like i said , one can’t compare the beauty of ‘words’ with the ‘120mins visual conversation’…

  4. jeunglala Says:

    Perasaan yang sama waktu nonton Ca Bau Kan setelah baca bukunya yang super tebal itu…
    Bete banget..
    Lain banget dengan yang sudah saya imajinasikan…

    Tapi yaa..
    jalan keluarnya cuman satu:
    nggak usah beli filmnya kalau keluar versi DVD-nya πŸ™‚

    Ah, namanya juga pengamat… Memang subjective, say… πŸ™‚

    yoi Jeung… DVD bajakan kan banyak hahaha… *ditimpuk si hak-cipta*

  5. isfiya Says:

    Itu…Dan Red yah yg main… mampir jenggg… mumpung jalan-jalan

    hai.. udah update lagi belum blognya ? πŸ™‚
    yang main Robert Pattinson bukan Redcliff.. dia jadi ‘Cedric Gregory’ di film Harry Porter

  6. anakbaik82 Says:

    blogwalking…twilighter jg bkn? hehehe tukeran link donk

    ..anak baik2 ato anak jahat nih ? hehehe..
    bukan twilighter sih, tapi suka aja ama yang romantis-romantis..

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