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become a fans of Jonathan Rhys Meyers April 29, 2008

Filed under: my favourites — hawe69 @ 9:41 AM

..and i’m currently crazy about him, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, another Irish ‘blue-eyes’ man that really very very sexy to my taste. Gue baru nonton film “August Rush”, dan peran yang dia mainkan cocok banget, pemain band yang talented, sexy, wild, but believe in love at first sight! Jadi, sudah seminggu ini  gue browsing terus berita tentang dia. He seem selfish in love, but yet he’s been dating this one girls for years and seem very much in love still. He also mention addicted with fitness since he cut his drinking habit. That’s make me have a imagination what my fitness instructor would be like 🙂 yummy.. 

Memang, gue helpless kalau kenal cowok yang agak ‘bandel’ , have a ‘dont-care-what-the world- say’ attitude. It’s like a sweet curse and that’s been giving me troubles in my past love relationship. Because, most of them not as loyal or commited as you expected them to be. The loyal one, only can be found in romantic movie.. 🙂

So, from this on, i’ve add him as one of my fav actor, besides Hugh Grant, and Colin Flirth.





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